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Our History

Loopr was founded in 2016 in Denver, soon after marijuana prohibition was ended in Colorado. It has quickly become one of the premier cannabis tourism companies in the USA expanding to Los Angeles and Chicago. Founded by long-term friends Bryan Spatz and Hal Taback, the duo set out to connect cannabis fans with the burgeoning legal market. “It seemed like the one area where consumers really didn't have much in the way of viable options,” says Spatz, President of Loopr, “We wanted to give people the ability to consume socially in a comfortable environment.” As marijuana consumption was (and is) still prohibited in many public spaces, a mobile cannabis lounge became the best and most obvious solution.

Over the next five years, Loopr became a fan favorite and grew to multiple tours in multiple cities. “First, we set out to create the biggest, baddest cannabis party bus ever built,” says Spatz, ”Then we worked to hone the experience, atmosphere and tours that bring riders to the best that a city has to offer including dispensaries, bars, restaurants, hotels and other attractions.”

What makes Loopr unique?

Simply put, Loopr offers the best vehicle for touring the city and enjoying cannabis in any way. Serious cannabis consumers can choose to indulge with custom bongs, dab rigs, enails, bubblers and other equipment. The entire experience is meant for guests to socialize and meet other enthusiasts, sharing in the communal experience of cannabis as it has been used through the ages. The tours also always feature some uniquely interactive experiences including farm visits and rolling demos all at a significantly lower cost than competitors.

Our Experience

Guests can experience the founders’ vision when boarding a Loopr 420 bus. The interior environment is comfortable and inviting but with a party atmosphere. Loopr designed the entire experience from the ground up, installing special lighting and mobile cannabis toking bars. Guests can choose to either find a comfy spot to chill on the kushy benches, or socialize with others at the tables. Spatz says, “My goal was to create as close to an Amsterdam style coffee shop aboard our mobile lounge as possible. We went with a combination of bench and limousine (perimeter) seating, a stand up bong and dab bar, and loaded it with comfort and entertainment features. We sought to create the ultimate mobile cannabis lounge, whether attending with a group of friends or just visiting on your own and looking for an accommodating environment in which to meet new people.”

Don't forget the food

When it comes to the munchies and other decadent delights, Loopr has you covered. Most Loopr tours include a stop at one of the best food spots in the city. Whether it’s deep dish Chicago-style pizza, or mouthwatering authentic tacos, guests can catch a buzz on the Loopr bus then indulge their cravings with friends.

Our Guides

Loopr also hires the most knowledgeable tour guides in the business to assist our guests in choosing product, general consumption questions or even help “rolling a phattie”. While a professional driver is focused on providing a smooth and comfortable ride, guides are focused on engaging with the guests to make them feel at home. “Loopr guides are known for being enthusiastic, motivated and friendly who convey their love and knowledge of cannabis to our guests,” says Spatz.

Our Guests

Ideal for solo guests looking to meet others, stoner couples or groups of friends (aka circle buddies), Loopr is proud to have a diverse audience who enjoy socializing over marijuana. Guests include millenials on their 21st birthday, Boomers who haven't had cannabis since their youth in the 1960's, tourists and travelers of all races and creeds and travelers from every continent. Guests might see journalists or celebrities as well, all brought together in the uniquely comfortable and safe environment aboard Loopr's mobile cannabis lounges.

Our Partners

Loopr is focused on bringing the best products at the best prices on the market to our guests. Loopr partners with only the highest quality producers and dispensaries. These partners are carefully curated for their quality product, reliable reputation and fair pricing (including special discounts for Loopr riders).

Our Cities

Loopr was founded in Denver, one of the undisputed destinations in the cannabis universe. With famously delicious bud grown by some of the top producers in the mountain state, Denver offered an amazing opportunity to test and develop the Loopr model. With over 300 days of sunshine a year, fantastic opportunities to experience the nature of the Rockies and a thriving dispensary scene, Denver is a pot-lovers paradise. Loopr offers up to 10 tours a week visiting the neighborhoods of Capitol Hill, Cherry Creek, Congress Hill, Lower Downtown (LoDo) and River North (RiNo).

Loopr’s expansion to Los Angeles to take advantage of recreational marijuana legalization in California was a natural choice. As the second largest city in the country, and one with tremendous weather, tourism culture and tons of activities going on all the time, Los Angeles offers the ideal environment for Loopr to provide value for visitors and locals alike. The ultimate cannabis party bus takes guests to destinations like Hollywood and the Walk of Fame, North Hollywood (NoHo), Downtown LA (DTLA) Arts District, Venice Beach and beyond.

As the birthplace of founder Bryan Spatz, Chicago hit close to home when Illinois rescinded prohibition. With its dense development and midwest sensibilities, Chicago offers Loopr a unique opportunity to operate in the downtown core close to many other tourist attractions. Since Chicago's dispensaries, are currently spread out around the city, Loopr is particularly useful in connecting customers to dispensaries all over town. Guests can then enjoy their purchases in comfortable venue on their way to experience more of the windy city


Do you have the expert cannabis knowledge and outgoing personality to be one of our tour leads? Please send a resume and cover letter to to be considered for one of our open positions in Denver, Chicago or Los Angeles.