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Ballpark Holistic Dispensary

Located in downtown Denver, two blocks from Coors Field, Ballpark Holistic Dispensary boasts an array of both Recreational and Medical marijuana strains, catering to a wide variety of holistic needs.

We know how beneficial medical marijuana is for the relief of many medical conditions and believe that all marijuana patients have a right to access our holistic medicine in a private, professional, safe and supportive environment. We pride ourselves on providing our patients with a legal means of obtaining medicines of superior quality. Ballpark Holistic Dispensary complies with the Department of Health Services’ rules and all marijuana laws. We know what customers expect from a holistic medical facility and we provide an exemplary standard.

Our cannabis has been regularly rated as Denver’s best since 2009. Our “Denver Maple” strain earned us 3rd place for the High Times Best Indica in the 2014 Cannabis Cup. We also were honored as one of the Top 5 Colorado Recreational Dispensaries at the 2014 Cannabis Awards and won Denver’s Best Recreational Dispensary at the 2015 Munchie Cup.

Our professional and friendly staff will assist you with finding the most suitable strains based on your individual needs. Ballpark Holistic Dispensary offers 18 flower strains as well as concentrates, wax, shatter and a wide selection of edibles. Here are some of the products we offer:

Recreational Marijuana Flower

  • Indica  strains include Black Water, Purple Afghani, Blueberry, Indica Dominica, Dark Star and our Denver Maple Cannabis Cup winner.
  • Sativa strains include Sour Diesel, Blue Dream, Glass Slipper and Tangerine Haze.
  • Hybrid strains include Eminem, Flo, Black Jack, Misty Mango and Cream Caramel.

Recreational Marijuana Edibles

  • Incredibles Vanilla Affogato bar, EdiPure Watermelon tarts and Canyon Cultivation Grapefruit Hard Candy.

Recreational Marijuana Concentrates

  • Sativa and Indica Wax and Shatter, Mary’s Medicinals Transdermal Patches and Apothecanna Cremes and Tinctures

Recreational Marijuana Drinks

  • Keef Cola and CannaPunch drinks

Medical Marijuana Flower

  • Indica strains include Denver Maple, Dark Star and Purple Afghani.
  • Sativa  strains: Sour Diesel, Durban Poison and Glass Slipper.
  • Hybrid strains:  Misty Mango, Killer Bud and White Rhino.

Medical Marijuana Edibles

  • Sweet Grass Kitchen Truffle Brownie and PBJ Cups, Incredibles Peanut Budda Bar and Edipure Cherry Bombs.

Medical Marijuana Drinks

  • Include Cannapunch OMG Bold drinks, Cannapunch Sons of Sativa drinks and Keef Cola Root Beer drink.

Please be advised that our patients should be at least 21 years of age with a valid ID for Recreational purchase. A Medical Marijuana Card and ID are required for all Medical purchases. We also offer free parking directly across the street from our Dispensary.


10AM - 7PM M-S • 10AM - 5PM SUN


2119 LARIMER ST. DENVER, C0 80205