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Responsible Cannabis Use in Colorado

While Denver may be the Amsterdam of modern-day cannabis culture, we still have our limits here in the Mile High. While you enjoy the many amazing offerings the city ...

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The Dos and Donts of Getting High with Loopr

While Denver may be the Amsterdam of modern-day cannabis culture, we still have our limits here in the Mile High. While you enjoy the many amazing offerings the ...

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Loopr Presents: Movie Night!

What's better than kicking back, sparking a joint and popping in a great flick? Loopr provides the perfect venue for a raucous evening of film, flower, friends and fun aboard the ultimate puff mobile lounge! We're introducing Movie Nights Wednesday evenings this summer, screening a classic film and hitting a couple of Denver's finest dispensaries along the way. ...

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Girls' Night Out in Denver

The Loopr mobile lounge offers lots of different experiences along its central and downtown Denver route. The bus takes you on a loop bringing you to the heart of the city and through some of the hippest neighborhoods in the mile high. Whether for a birthday, bachelorette party, or a girl’s night out, the route offers the perfect mobile lounge so you can elevate while on your way to a multitude of fun activities, and hop on and off the bus as your night requires. From pampering yourself or enjoying the local a...

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Cheese Please! Check out The Pizza Tours on Loopr

Stoners have certainly changed throughout the ages. What used to be classified by goof-balls like Cheech & Chong has morphed into professional athletes and businessmen. From flip-flops to hip-hop, all walks of life have embraced the plant and have helped shape the culture of cannabis consumption or what this blogger refers to as “getting high”. It’s called getting high because it heightens your senses and the taste buds and that’s what makes pizza so delicious!

Pizza is so versatile that even the m...

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Vermont's Finest

Vermont’s Finest   

So far, 2018 is off to great start in cannabusiness. Vermont recently became the first state to legalize through legislature instead of a vote by the people of a ballot measure. The right to cultivate 2 mature plants at a time and possess up to 2 ounces for personal use. This seems like it could be a big step in the right direction for cannabis culture in the Northeastern Kingdom.

C’mon man! If you are not a horticulturist or in possession of the needed property to cultivate...

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Too Much Too Fast

Every day, more and more fans of cannabis are traveling to legal-use states to enjoy a more comfortable interaction with this still somewhat taboo substance. The culture around cannabis is a thrilling experience and if you’ve never been inside of a dispensary, arriving in Denver is exhilarating.

From the get-go, planning your 420 friendly experience can be daunting but don’t let the experience become overwhelming. There are plenty of resources for putting together your perfect cannabis adventure. Check...

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Layover in Denver?

Layover in Denver? Check out this Legal Cannabis Lounge

Visit Denver’s only legal cannabis lounge while on your next layover out west. Loopr Cannabis Tours and Social Lounge offers a luxurious, comfortable, and convenient way to catch a buzz while waiting on your flight. With multiple stops around the city, this mobile vape, dab and smoke lounge has plenty of opportunities to hop on and have a smoke while perusing about the central and downtown Denver area.

Upon your arrival at the Denver airport, ...

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5 steps to rolling the perfect joint


  1. Select the perfect paper: the paper always select the 4 inch papers. Whether they are bleached or natural, firstly I make a  mountain fold along the lower ¼ inch to form a crease to pack my weed into. Larger crease, larger joint!
  2. The Crutch: After making a nice crease I create a crutch from the provided tabs or any thick paper available. The crutch is not a filter, but serves as a place to hold the joint from as well as keeps weed from su...

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The Loopr “Puff Bus” Featured in the Boston Herald

As more states continue to join the legalization bandwagon, our vision grows grander and our goal of expansion gains traction. And considering our East Coast roasts, we can’t wait to take our bus to less green pastures.

One of our likely destinations is the legal land of Massachusetts, where cannabis will begin flowing like lobster rolls in 2018. When the summer of Sativa hits in 2018, our goal is to be a presence in the Massachusetts cannabis tourism market.

This week, the Boston Herald ...

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What To Do On 420 In Denver

What To Do on 420 in Denver

Planning a 420 trip  in 2018? Well, look no further than our fantastic guide to the quintessential 420 experience in Denver. They call this city the Mile High City and rightly so. April 20th is like Christmas in the world of cannabis because the bud is flowing and there is so much to do and celebrate here in the land of legal weed. Denver has everything you need to enjoy yourself and elevate responsibly. Here’s how to make the most of your 420 adventure.


Start ...

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Must Know 420 Events

Must Know 420 Events

Even before states began legalizing marijuana for recreational and medical use there were festivals catering to those who used. Many were born out of a grassroots effort to decriminalize or to outright legalize cannabis consumption. Now that many states have medical marijuana legalized and a few have legalized recreational use, these festivals have become must-attend events. Here...

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